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A Taste of Bliss Blurb

A Taste of Bliss Blurb

Making people beautiful is a sweet gig. Until it’s not. Tired of working for someone else who takes all the credit, Bliss Kaufman wants to do her own thing—with a perfect plan in place to execute it—so going solo in the beauty industry should be a piece of cake.

A cute bartender with a panty-melting grin wants to change all that. In a moment of wine-soaked decision making, she swerves from her plan for an unexpected night with Talan McGregor. Just One. It was never supposed to go further. But Talan keeps coming back, demanding more, and his timing couldn’t be worse.

A life-changing diagnosis forces Bliss to abandon her carefully crafted plans. This is a problem she can’t fix with her 50-pound bag of beauty tricks. There’s no product or tool that changes fate, sadly.

The only way Bliss can crack open her heart enough to let Talan in is to embrace the messy, complicated risk that comes with living without a safety net.

After all, love is life’s greatest complication.

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