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The Bourbon Bride


Releasing 12.14.23!

She could have fled, but she chose to stay, and I’m just shameless enough to use that to my advantage to get what I want.

Hayes Olsen: Billionaire, Demanding Businessman, Killer of Dreams…

I rule as king of the corporate underworld, my worst deeds performed as CFO of Olympus International where I reign with my two brothers. My ruthlessness means I’m not well-liked, and far from accepted, but as luck would have it, the fates intervene on my behalf, sending a sweet debutante into my garden on the very night society gets its claws in her.

Her innocence kept her at my mercy and now I’m never letting her go.

Paige Fairchild: Hotel Heiress, Southern Belle, Virgin…

I begged Mama to have my debutante ball at an exclusive nightclub. Meeting the club’s mysterious owner, however, was a bittersweet twist of fate. Hayes is refined, well-aged, and sinfully hot in a way that promises temptation and a world of pleasures I’ve never known. He could be the very key I’ve needed to leave my tightly controlled life behind, but it’s a risk that could have disastrous consequences.

I ran straight into the arms of the devil, and now he’ll never let me leave.


"Adrian R Hale's sophomore novel is a smashing success in my book. If you like race cars and even racier characters, you'll love Drift Heat!"

-Sharon, Amazon review


"I'm a sucker for a few things, allow me to name a, a smoking hot alpha male, and an author that writes a feisty, tough-as-nails female lead. Therefore, I have officially fallen in love with Adrian Hale."

-Michelle C., Amazon review

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