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The Southern Thirst Trap
The Southern Gods Series Book #3 



The name Zander Olsen is synonymous with no repeats, no attachments, and pursuing beautiful women he leaves in the dust after he’s conquered them. I knew his rules going into our arrangement. I shouldn’t have thought I’d be any different. Yet, we somehow discovered something amazing together during our tropical vacation that changed my life forever. I thought it changed him, too. Instead, he told me forever was a lie and thoroughly blocked me from his life the second we returned. Why is he back now? And what gives him the right to be so interested in my son after all this time? Zander is the one man who has the power to ruin my life and I won’t let him do that to me again, even if my body wants to betray me every time he gets close.



Harlowe Sorenson is the only woman I was willing to break my rules for, and in the end, it burned us both. I put my career and the growth of Olympus International first in my life, so I can’t let women stick around long enough to distract me from that goal, not even one as vivacious, challenging, and captivating as her. Falling for Harlowe wasn’t in my plans, so I cut out my heart and crushed hers thoroughly to ensure she wouldn’t be a problem. I’d almost forgotten about her. So why, after crashing into her five years later, am I still drawn to her and have too many questions about her carefully guarded son? A son who looks more like me than he should. I need to get these answers without risking my business, my heart, and hers in the process, or I’ll have hell to pay once again.

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