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Broken Drift Cover reveal!

It is such a relief to finally be publishing this story. I spent a lot of time with my characters on this one, and Alyssa of Uplifting Designs and I have gone back and forth extensively to make this cover just perfect. I love it!

It's cover reveal day for Broken Drift! I am super pumped for you to meet Wyatt and Isla in Broken Drift. These characters are resiliency personified and so incredibly perfect for each other. If you like second chance romance, angst, family drama, interwoven secrets, heartbreak with a side of humor, and love watching people triumph against the odds, you will LOVE this story.



Holding on to regret is poison and I take mine straight up. Fast cars and even faster women—they're my drug of choice. Until I barely survive a crash that destroys my career. Now I'm staring my past in the face and she's even more beautiful than when I walked away.


I'm wildly clutching at what's left of my shattered life after a failed marriage when he shows up at my rehab facility. I didn't think my life could get any worse. Now the one man who has the power to destroy me completely is asking me to heal his broken body.

Some things need to stay broken.

Broken Drift releases in 24 days, so pre-order now to have this book pop up on your e-reader on February 10th!







This was painstakingly created by Uplifting Designs! Reach out to Alyssa for any of your cover, formatting, or editing needs!

Huge thanks to Caitlin Ting, the phenomenal woman behind the lens that captures all of my favorite drift racing photos, including the photo on the back cover (and in my author name on the front!) for making my covers feel authentic with your photos.

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