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Some book news!

A 3 year hiatus happened.

It's been nearly three years since I've updated this space! What can happen in that amount of time? Well, the one that caused the length between books is that I went back to school! I know, I know, I'm like, old, so what am I doing back there? Well, I started researching careers for my latest heroine and fell madly in love with the idea of becoming a physical therapist myself. It came along with an epiphany that I would eventually "age out" of the hair and makeup industry for various reasons, so my impulsive nature told me to jump. And I did. Right back into college studying kinesiology. I'm finishing the fall semester of my third year at this point, and have transferred to a local university that loves taking my money. You know how it goes.

So, on to book news! In the long, drawn out time since Drift Heat released in January of 2016, I have finally finished writing the follow up interconnected standalone. Broken Drift is Wyatt and Isla's sort-of second chance romance story. If you read Drift Heat, you may remember the charming and delicious Wyatt (if you didn't read Drift Heat, now is a good time to acquaint yourself with him and the Smoke & Mirrors race team). He demanded I tell his sweeping story of family trauma, a decade-old love story, and the rocky road to redemption he deserved. Broken Drift is about broken people rebuilding themselves together. They're equally brave and only make each other better. Now, Wyatt. If you loved the sweet and determined Talan from A Taste of Bliss, and the passionate and driven Griffin from Drift Heat, you will go mad for Wyatt. He's hands-down my favorite hero I've written. And Isla. She's a spunky and resilient woman finally learning her worth and how to decide her own future after a rocky few years under the thumb of a not so awesome man. She's funny and just as determined as Wyatt, and their chemistry is ahh-mazing. Like, burn it down, amazing.

If you weren't so into the fast-paced and technical car racing action in Drift Heat, Broken Drift is the story you need in your life. There's just enough action sprinkled in to keep it fun, but the story revolves around these amazing people. I spent so much time with these characters (dude, SO MUCH TIME!) that I feel as if we are old friends and I am so happy I got to write this story. It's good, y'all. I can't wait for you to read it! I'll be doing a cover reveal shortly so you can see the hotness that will give you a glimpse of this epic story.


Wyatt Holding on to regret is poison and I take mine straight up. Fast cars and even faster women—they're my drug of choice. Until I barely survive a crash that destroys my career. Now I'm staring my past in the face and she's even more beautiful than when I walked away.

Isla I'm wildly clutching at what's left of my shattered life after a failed marriage when he shows up at my rehab facility. I didn't think my life could get any worse. Now the one man who has the power to destroy me completely is asking me to heal his broken body.

Some things need to stay broken.

Broken Drift will be available on your favorite e-book retailer in February! You can pre-order now so it shows up on your e-reader on release day.



Add it to your Goodreads to-be-read list!

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